Alert regarding cell lines JM8A3, JM8A3.N1, and JM8A1.N3

2016-10-20 The KOMP Repository has recently identified the presence of a translocation of the manipulated agouti allele on chromosome 8 of ES cell line JM8A3, and potentially affecting the sub-lines JM8A3.N1 and JM8A1.N3, that were all derived at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. At this time, we recommended not to use these cells for targeting genes on chromosome 8.  Other lines, including, the JM8, JM8.N4, or JM8.F6 , do not exhibit this translocation and can be safely and reliably used for gene targeting experiments. If you are using mouse lines (e.g., KOMP targeted lines) derived from JM8A3, JM8A3.N1 or JM8A1.N3 ES cell lines, we recommend crossing to C57BL/6N wild type mice in order to breed out the agouti coat color, including chromosome 8 targeted alleles which may or may not be closely linked.  For further information or assistance please contact Allan Bradley at The Sanger Institute