NHGRI Talking Glossary of Genetics

2011-09-20 NHGRI has developed its first education ‘App’!If you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can now have free access to the popular NHGRI Talking Glossary of Genetics anywhere you go.In addition to offering easy-to-understand written definitions, users can listen to an NHGRI scientist explain each term and provide contextual learning tips. The glossary App contains nearly 200 color illustrations and more than thirty 3-D animations that illustrate genetic concepts. The mobile version of the glossary includes all of the bells and whistles of the online version, including new and simplified search methods, easy-to-find terms of interest, alphabetical navigation to search functions, and lists of related terms. There’s even a “Test Your Gene Knowledge” quiz, so users can check their understanding of the glossary’s contents. The majority of the glossary terms are studied in middle school, high school, and collegiate science classes. Teachers at all levels were used to help compile the terms and evaluate the glossary during development. It’s free and it’s fun. Either go to the iTunes App Store and search “talking glossary” or click on the App Store link below.

Link to App Store