The MMRRC at UC Davis Team

Renee Araiza, BS is Assistant Director of Repositories and Project Management and center manager for the MMRRC at UC Davis. She has extensive experience in animal health and husbandry, mouse colony and strain management, transgenic model creation, murine assisted reproductive techniques, and cryoarchiving.  Renee oversees activities on acquisition, archiving, storage, maintenance and distribution of mutant mice and germplasm, and special services.

Autumn Cole is the manager of our Customer Service team. She is responsible for coordinating distribution of strains, and disseminating strain details, genotyping protocols, and all materials necessary for transfer of mice or cryo-materials from the MMRRC at UC Davis. Autumn is also responsible for ensuring inventory control for archived germplasm and ES Cells, review of inventory compliance, inventorying of received materials, and training for cryogenic safety while working with liquid nitrogen and in the storage tanks, and safe handling of cryopreserved materials. Autumn advises and assists the customer service team with shipping companies and shipment coordination, customs documentation, and account receivables.

Laurel Rawls is a project manager and responsible for coordination of special projects for MMRRC at UC Davis customers, including breeding services, such as colony build for recovered lines and recombinase breeding of special alleles.  Laurel is also the import coordinator for MMRRC at UC Davis.  Laurel is responsible for the importation of donated strains to the center, collecting strain details, genotyping protocols, and all documentation necessary for transfer of live animals or cryopreserved materials to the MMRRC at UC Davis.  She tracks the processing of the strains through the preservation process and rederivations for live colonies.  Laurel is in direct contact with donating investigators and their assistants, as well as cryo technicians, and colony managers.

Lisa Ly, BA, is responsible for creating estimates, receiving billing information, providing order initiation assistance, ensuring transfer agreements are completed, coordinating with our administrative team on accounts receivables, and billing out at order completion.

Bex Munson, BS is responsible for order processing and fulfillment of orders for live mice and cryorecovery requests, including general order inquiries, preparation of estimates, order initiation, tracking, customs documentation, and shipment coordination. Bex also provides technical assistance.

Dave Clary, BS is the Assistant Director of Information Services for the MMRRC at UC Davis. Dave provides integration expertise around informatics systems and databases. He oversees the daily operations of the MMRRC servers, system administration and security, and database management, including website applications, LIMS and project tracking systems.

Jason Aller, is IT programmer for the MMRRC at UC Davis.  Jason is responsible for web application design, database administration and development of the MMRRC at UC Davis IT systems, including interface with the ICSC Order Tracking System, the MMRRC at UC Davis LIMS and mouse colony management system, and maintenance of the MMRRC at UC Davis website.

Rebecca Hartman is administrative support for the MMRRC at UC Davis, including accounts receivables, grant support, and contract coordination.

The UC Davis Mouse Biology Program (MBP) provides all support services to the MMRRC at UC Davis, including colony management and husbandry, cryopreservation and cryo-recovery, rederivation, microinjection, ES cell culture and expansion, veterinary care, and genetic analysis. MBP offers these same services to on and off-campus investigators and institutions both nationally and internationally. Additional information on MBP can be found at